Jive Pranksters Jazz Band



If you're in the mood for a bit of swing, bop, cool, hot or acid jazz, funk, acoustic or R&B, with super smooth vocals, then the Jive Pranksters are your band.   


Showcasing the versatile talents of Margaret O'Hanlon,  vocals, Nigel Hirst, saxophones and Mark Wilson on piano / keyboards, the Jive Pranksters are intimate improvisational live music at  it's best.


Available as a duo; Piano & Sax or Piano & Vocal.

Or scale up to include Bass and Drums or extra Brass (trumpet or other horns),

"Snow Mambo"    Wedding at Rippon Vineyards, Wanaka

"Snow Mambo"

Queenstown International Jazz Festival 

"Cow Fonque"  

Queenstown Memorial Centre

"Hallelujah I Love Her So"

Queenstown Intl Jazz Festival 2015

"Chitlins Con Carne"  

Queenstown Jazz Festival

"King Of The Fairies"  (Trad.)

Mt. Soho Winery wedding

"Choo Choo Cha Boogie"  

Queenstown Jazz Festival