Pearly & The Oystermen


Pearly & The Oystermen are a 3-4 piece band featuring the dynamic brilliance of Pearly McGrath, Nigel Hirst and Neil Chilton.   They are a favourite for smaller weddings and special occasions.  They can rock it out or sing those iconic ballads that can mean so much.  

Pearly & The Oystermen feature two strong vocalists; Pearly McGrath and Neil Chilton offering a variety in sound with Nigel Hirst added in for excellent support on the saxophone, vocals and guitar.  


Pearly McGrath began singing professionally at 17.  She studied at the New Zealand School of Performing Arts in Wellington. Pearly has been a member of The Beat Girls and worked many years in Indonesia with a resident Night Club band.  Upon returning to Queenstown she was quickly snatched up by the Oystermen.  


Neil Chilton has been playing as a solo artist and in bands for over 15 years in New Zealand and Australia. Nominated  Invercargill Entertainer of the Year.   He is an esteemed guitarist and exceptional vocalist with an extraordinary range.  

Nigel Hirst  on saxophone & guitar has toured and played with multitudes of  musicians in New Zealand,  notably Billy T. James and Midge Marsden.   Internationally he has played with bands in Seattle and as part of The Kenny Rogers Band in NZ. 

"Mercy" (Duffy) Live at SkyCity Casino

"Crazy" (Knarles Barklay) Wedding at Millbrook Resort

"You've Got The Love"  Queenstown Jazz Festival at the          Memorial Centre with Mark Wilson on grand piano


SKYCITY Ball Viva le Cirque  1.jpg